Ensure your participation by registration:

  • Should be performed through the WorldLeish7 website using credit card (Visa, Mastercard and Diners) or PayPal. If you find any difficulties in using those payment methods, do not hesitate in contacting our Secretariat (email: wl5@bureaudeeventos.com.br).
  • When registering, you must provide an e-mail, which will be your login, and create password in order to access the restricted area that will contain details of your registration and abstract. Please make sure that all your details are correct as they will be used for all future contacts.
  • Please check the correct value of your subscription from the following list:

To INTERNATIONAL BANK TRANSFER, please take a note of the data bellow:

  • Name of the Bank: Banco do Brasil, Cidade Universitária, Recife-PE, Brazil
  • Account holder: SBMT Regional Pernambuco
  • Adressed at: CPqAM/Fiocruz, Ave. Moraes Rego, N/N, Cidade Universitária, Recife, PE, Brazil. ZIP
  • CODE: 50670-420
  • Agency Number: 3613-7
  • Account Number: 36211-5
  • IBAN: 001361370000362115

The Accompanying Person will have access to:

  • All the social activities, such as the Opening Ceremony, coffee-breaks and the Closing Ceremony.
  • The Trade Exhibition Area and the Poster Presentation Area


The Accompanying Person will not have access to the auditoriums in the course of presentations;

Registration Cancellation Policy:

  • Up to March 13th 2013 will be refunded the total amount paid, deducting the administrative fee.
  • Up to April 13th 2013 will be refunded 50% of the amount paid, deducting the administrative fee.
  • Up to April 29th 2013 will be refunded 25% of the amount paid, deducting the administrative fee.
  • Less than 15 days before the event, will not be refunded any amount paid, must only will be made the “replacement” of the participant for another one.

** Administrative Fee: 5% of the amount paid, in case of credit card payment; or R$5,00 if it was paid by bank billet (Boleto bancário). If the payment was done by an International Bank Transfer, all the fees that will be charged during the refund process, will be deducting of the amount refunded.

*** Does not exist discount policy for groups on Participants’ registrations.