These are the topics proposed for WorldLeish7 - 2022 in Cartagena, Colombia.

Leishmaniasis prevention and control

  1. The human in the transmission of Leishmania spp to sand flies: What’s new?
  2. Is the prevention of canine leishmaniasis enough for the control of human zoonotic visceral leishmaniasis?
  3. Leishmaniasis control: what is done and has to be done.
  4. Health and social information systems in support of local health planning: issues and challenges.


  1. Immunological perspectives of leishmaniasis: beyond the Th1/Th2 paradigm

Molecular Biology

  1. Genetic editing in Leishmania
  2. Biomarkers for leishmaniasis
  3. Strategies for the elimination of barriers to diagnosis
  4. Molecular markers for strain typing of Leishmania species: which are truly useful and in which regions or conditions
  5. The role of molecular biology for the diagnosis of leishmaniasis OR The pathogenesis of kala-azar


  1. Genomic
  2. Transcriptomic
  3. Proteomic
  4. Metabolomic
  5. Lipidomic


  1. Future prospects in the treatment of cutaneous leishmanaisis form
  2. New perspective on improving treatment efficacy in canine leishmaniasis.
  3. Geo-climatic factors and emerging of new foci of leishmaniasis.
  4. Clinical management of visceral leishmaniasis patients
  5. Nutrition and visceral leishmaniasis: from susceptibility to cure
  6. Topic versus systemic treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis
  7. Treatment in complex groups (en la página web la palabra “group” está mal escrita)

Drug Discovery

  1. Drug discovery: Future directions.
  2. Computational approaches applied in drug discovery


  1. Leishmaniasis in non-HIV immunosuppressed patients
  2. Existing knowledge gaps in cutaneous and mucosal Leishmaniasis
  3. Impact of RNA virus in the epidemiology of leishmaniasis
  4. Epidemiological Trend of Cutaneous and mucosal Leishmaniasis in Endemic Foci by regions
  5. Public awareness and attitudes towards cutaneous leishmaniasis


  1. New trends and challenges in the diagnosis of leishmaniasis
  2. Strategies to unify the diagnosis and species identification in leishmaniasis
  3. Plants, sandflies and Leishmania


  1. Burden of social stigma in cutaneous leishmaniasis. How to achieve mental health and psychosocial well-being in leishmaniasis


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