Webinars cycle Pre-WorldLeish7

We invite you to connect with the cycle of preparatory webinars for WorldLeish7 in 2022.

Every two months, we will host a distinguished speaker who will present an important topic on leishmaniasis.

You can participate for free!

Each webinar includes 20 – 25 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of questions.

We welcome you!

worldleish webinar
Dr. Asrat Hailu Mekuria
Immunoparasitology Proffessor from the School of Medicine of Addis Ababa University
and moderator Dr. Monique Wassuna
director of the DNDi Africa regional office

«Leishmaniasis in Africa: Challenges and the way forward»

Apri 26th, 2022

7:00 a.m. Bogotá

2:00 p.m. Madrid

3:00 p.m. Nairobi

Dr. Sima Rafati
Head of the Department of Immunotherapy and Leishmania Vaccine Research at Pasteur Institute of Iran
and Dr. Martin Olivier
Chair of the infection and immunity section of the MUHC FOCIS Centre of Excellence in Translational Immunology

«Leishmania Extracellular Vesicles«

December 6th, 2021

8:00 a.m. Bogotá

9:00 a.m. Montreal

4:30 p.m. Tehran

Dr. Elisa Cupolillo
Head of Leishmaniasis Research Laboratory
Oswaldo Cruz Institute – Fiocruz

«Species diversity or diversity of names? Patterns hidden behind Leishmania taxonomy»

Septembre 13th, 2021

9:00 a.m. Bogotá

11:00 a.m. São Paulo

4:00 p.m. Madrid

Prof. Jeffrey Shaw
Biomedical Sciences Institute
São Paulo University

«Moulding leishmanial diversity – Time and Source of infection»

July 7th, 2021

9:00 a.m. Bogotá

11:00 a.m. São Paulo

4:00 p.m. Madrid

Koert Ritmeijer, MSc, MPH, PhD

Coordinator Neglected Tropical Diseases
Medical Department
Médecins Sans Frontières

«Leishmaniasis and conflict»

April 12th, 2021

14:00h Amsterdam Time (CEST) – 07:00h Colombia Time

Dr Daniel Argaw Dagne

Unit Head, Prevention, Treatment and Care

Department of Neglected Tropical Diseases, WHO

“The NTD roadmap 2030 and its implication on leishmaniasis control and elimination programmes”

February 3rd, 2021

16:00 h – Geneva (CET)time

Shyam Sundar

Institute of Medical Sciences
Banaras Hindu University

Varanasi, India

“Challenges for the Elimination of Kala-azar in the India subcontinent”

November 16th 2020

20:30 p.m – New Delhi time

17:00 p.m – Geneva time

10:00 a.m – Bogotá time

Peter Hotez

Dean for the National School of Tropical Medicine
Professor Departments of Pediatrics and Molecular Virology and Microbiology
Baylor College of Medicine Houston, Texas, United States

“The NTDs meet COVID19”

September 21st 2020

8:00 a.m

Houston, Texas time (CST)