Last pre-WorldLeish webinar «Leishmaniasis in Africa: Challenges and the way forward»

worldleish webinar

WorldLeish7 organizing committee invites you to last Pre – WorldLeish 7 Webinar on Wednesday April the 27th, at 7:00 a.m. Bogotá, 2:00 p.m. Madrid and 3:00 p.m. Nairobi.

This time, we will host the conference «Leishmaniasis in Africa: Challenges and the way forward» presented by the Immunoparasitology Proffessor Asrat Hailu Mekuria, (PhD), from the School of Medicine of Addis Ababa University and presented by Dr. Monique Wassuna director of the DNDi Africa regional office.

Prof. Asrat is an immunoparasitologist in the School of Medicine at Addis Ababa University (AAU). He obtained his PhD degree from the University of Amsterdam at Academic Medical Centre (AMC). Prof. Asrat has been a successful researcher and mentor, and had won several research grants on many occasions. Prof. Asrat’s mainstream research is in the domain of NTDs, particularly leishmaniasis but extends to malaria and other parasitic diseases. He is a founding member of the Leishmaniasis East Africa Platform (LEAP), member of the East Africa Consortium for Clinical Research (EACCR) and a lead scientist at CDT-AFRICA (Centre for Innovative Drug Development & Therapeutic Trials). He has co-authored over 220 peer reviewed articles and book chapters. Prof. Asrat is a fellow of the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (EAS), and member of several learned societies. He chaired the Health Working Group at EAS for 5 years. 

About the presentation:

This webinar will commence by highlighting the clinic-epidemiological features of leishmaniases in Africa and by summarizing the knowledge base. The unique and diverse features of the diseases will be projected by a discussion of biological characteristics (parasitological aspects, sand fly bionomics, animal reservoirs), and key issues of transmission dynamics and epidemiology. The factors that have adversely affected efforts to control/eliminate leishmaniasis in the continent will be mentioned by revealing the prevailing gaps in research capacity, training and funding. A good part of the webinar will focus on public health research agenda emphasizing the urgency of improved access to diagnostic and therapeutic tools and investments on vaccine-led control/elimination programs. The speaker will argue that control/elimination of leishmaniases in Africa should be spear-headed by anti-leishmania vaccines.

This is the last of the cycle of conferences held every two months in preparation for the seventh version of WorldLeish, a global congress on leishmaniasis convened every four years in a different country. The 7th WorldLeish congress will take place from the1st to the 6th of August 2022, in Cartagena, Colombia.

Join the webinar here:

Password: 251685

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