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The PECET – Programa de Estudio y Control de Enfermedades Tropicales of the Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia, is pleased to announce to the world academic and scientific community that it has been chosen as the organizer of the seventh version of the WorldLeish, the world most important event on leishmaniasis, which reunites everyone working in this field every 4 years. 

On this occasion, we will meet from August 1st to 6th, 2022 in the beautiful city of Cartagena, declared by Unesco as a World Heritage Site, to which you are all warmly invited. 

With the confidence that events such as WorldLeish7 contribute to the control of Leishmaniasis, the event will highlight the advances and new research findings in this area. On this occasion, WorldLeish7, expects the participation of more than 1500 investigators, professionals and students who will get together to identify and generate new ideas. It will also promote a multidisciplinary approach to research and its alliances with technological development groups and research centers around the world.

Through WorldLeish7, we intend to inform public health authorities, key interested parties, financial agencies and multinational pharmaceutical companies about Leishmaniasis as a global public health problem. 

The WorldLeish7 scientific program will address topics ranging from basic science to control programs for disease elimination. The agenda will include keynote speakers, symposiums, pre-congress courses, meetings for thematic alliances, awards for student presentations, social and cultural events. 

Cartagena is undoubtedly the best place to receive attendees from all over the world, who will be delighted with the opportunity to visit its colorful streets and plazas, churches and mansions full of history, the 11 kilometers of colonial walls that stand out as the most complete fortifications in South America, its sunsets, beaches and exquisite cuisine. 

The PECET invites you with heartfelt sincerity and gratitude to be part of WorldLeish7-2022, to share your knowledge and camaraderie with everyone while enjoying the wonders Cartagena has to offer. 

It will be a great pleasure for us to welcome you in Colombia.

Ivan Dario Velez B MD, PhD
Chair WorldLeish7

Some themes

Leishmaniasis control: what is done and has to be done
Reverse vaccinology: the hope of a prophylactic vaccine?

The human in the transmission of Leishmania spp to sand flies: What’s new?
Is the prevention of canine leishmaniasis enough for the control of human zoonotic visceral leishmaniasis?


Organizer Committee

  • Iván Darío Vélez, PECET- Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia
  • Jorge Alvar, Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative, España
  • Nancy Saravia, Cideim, Universidad ICESI, Colombia
  • Gabriela Delgado, Universidad Nacional, Colombia
  • Alexis Mendoza-León, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Venezuela
  • Felix J. Tapia, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Venezuela
  • Sara Robledo, PECET- Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia
  • Carlos Muskus, PECET- Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia
  • Jérôme Depaquit, Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, Francia
  • Luigi Gradoni, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Italia
  • Carlos Costa, Centro de Ciências da Saúde da Universidade Federal do Piauí, Brazil


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